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The foot-rope sometimes slips through the eyes in the stirrups when only one hand goes out upon it, which does, or may, place him in a dangerous position. During the preceding day, when the barometer indicated a change of weather, Mr. Lowington had sent the old boatswain aloft to "mouse the horses," in anticipation of the manoeuvre which the boys were now compelled to perform at midnight, in a gale of wind. Mousing the horses was merely fastening the foot-ropes to the eyes of the stirrups, so that they could {227} not slip through, and thus throw the entire slack of the horse under one boy, by which he sank down so low that his neck was even with the spar.

"I have confessed all to the chaplain, and you will soon know me as I am, Paul. I will not take your place in the cabin. Your kindness and generosity {332} have overcome me. You have convinced me that doing right is always the best way."

The officers presented a very elegant and dashing appearance in their new uniform; and if some of them {57} did not feel a little vain, it was because they were less human than boys usually are.

There was no disposition to talk much in the boats. The officers and crews were fully employed in keeping the barge and gig right side up in the tremendous sea, and though all hands were filled with curiosity to know the particulars of the wreck, all questions were wisely deferred until they were on the deck of the ship.


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