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chemical formula chloroform

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:01:17
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Suddenly all the mist that was covering the forest was blown away and the beast that was seen coming was - A WHITE WOLF. 13

Among the food items he had bought, there was rat poison too which he had mixed with the food and ate. On top of that sleeping pills were mixed too to make it less painful and die during his sleep. 3

"Phew, this is good." The water was cold enough to give him satisfaction.

"Thanks for the praise Your Majesty and I apologize for the lack of my strength. I will try my best to grow stronger."


He looked towards the starry sky which looked extraordinarily beautiful.


A pack of wolves was hunting humans which was quite the opposite of the usual. Amidst them stood a giant black Wolf which seemed to be commanding them.


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