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‘OK,’ said Juliet hurriedly. ‘I get the picture.’

‘OK. He can keep it. Now get that convict into the shuttle and let’s get on with this. I’ve got a Council meeting in ten minutes.’

Spiro gazed into the Cube’s screen, as though there were nobody else in the room. ‘I reckon I’ve got twenty years left in me. After that the world can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have any family, no heirs. There’s no need to build for the future. I’m going to suck this planet dry, and with this Cube I can do whatever I want to whoever I want.’

An assassin stirred, suspended halfway through a dividing wall. The manservant checked her eyes. They were crossed and unfocused. No threat there. Butler pocketed the old lady’s weapon just the same. You couldn’t be too careful — something he was learning all over again. If Madame Ko could have seen this afternoon’s display, she would have had his graduation tattoo lasered for sure.

‘Don’t you have another chair?’ asked the small human, following Miss Frazetti into the lounge.

‘Very well,’ she said, fishing a spare com set from her belt. ‘But he’s not going to have any good news for you.’

A man answered on the second ring.

Juliet stopped at a red light. ‘How are we doing?’


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