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The Master said, Can it be without some reason that he has invited ME? If any one employ me, may I not make an eastern Chau?”

Hsi again said, But was it not a state which Ch’iu proposed for himself?” The reply was, Yes; did you ever see a territory of sixty or seventy li or one of fifty or sixty, which was not a state?”

When a friend sent him a present, though it might be a carriage and horses, he did not bow.

Ho said to Confucius, Come, let me speak with you.” He then asked, Can he be called benevolent who keeps his jewel in his bosom, and leaves his country to confusion?” Confucius replied, No.” Can he be called wise, who is anxious to be engaged in public employment, and yet is constantly losing the opportunity of being so?” Confucius again said, No.” The days and months are passing away; the years do not wait for us.” Confucius said, Right; I will go into office.”

The Master said, Shan, my doctrine is that of an all-pervading unity.” The disciple Tsang replied, Yes.”

Tsze-lu said, The Duke Hwan caused his brother Chiu to be killed, when Shao Hu died, with his master, but Kwan Chung did not die. May not I say that he was wanting in virtue?”

The music master, Mien, having gone out, Tsze-chang asked, saying. Is it the rule to tell those things to the music master?”

Tsze-lu said, Does the superior man esteem valor?” The Master said, The superior man holds righteousness to be of highest importance. A man in a superior situation, having valor without righteousness, will be guilty of insubordination; one of the lower people having valor without righteousness, will commit robbery.”


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