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are salvador and natalie together

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I think he would do so anyway,” insisted Ian, ’Tis a point of integrity, Kelpie.”

But this palled too, and presently a group of young and adventurous Highlanders decided just to go out and have a wee look round the neighboring countryside. Archie and Ranald came hunting Alex and Ian, who were delighted. Lachlan firmly attached himself to the party, with strict

Are you a witch?” demanded the other.

Don’t you know?” asked Kelpie tauntingly. I will tell you, then. They’re fighting for power. Is it not so?”

No, now,” she said, for ’twas I sent the messenger.”

A rare blaze of rage swept over Alex. Dhiaoul! ’Tis a fool you are, Ian!” And suddenly he was quarreling—it was incredible—with his foster brother, dearer than kin, and over a young rogue of a gypsy lass not worth a hair on Ian’s head! And yet the quarrel went on and on.

His face was calm now as he gave orders to set about taking the castle abandoned by its owner. It wasn’t as difficult as it might have been. One couldn’t expect inspired defense from the men who had been left behind while their leader fled. And once Montrose’s men were in full possession, Kelpie entered the castle through those massive gates she had passed through before—but this time with an arrogant sway to her slim body.

And then she turned abruptly and headed in long strides back to the Highland army, not waiting for the stammered words of thanks.


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