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  And all of it is green, so that it is a pleasure to see it. And these people areso gentle, and desirous to have our articles and thinking that nothing canbe given them unless they give something and do not keep it back. Theytake what they can, and at once jump [into the water] and swim [away].

  "But I did not see, among many towns which I saw, any of more thantwelve or fifteen houses. * * * And there they had dogs. * * * And therethey found one man who had on his nose a piece of gold which was likehalf a castellano, on which there were cut letters.[*] I blamed them for notbargaining for it, and giving as much as was asked, to see what it was, andwhose coin it was; and they answered me that they did not dare to barterit."[*] A castellano was a piece of gold, money, weighing about one-sixthof an ounce.

  When he learned that his new friend was about to offer to France theadvantages of a discovery so great as that proposed, he begged him tomake one effort more at home. He sent for some friends, Fernandos, aphysician at Palos, and for the brothers Pinzon, who now appear for thefirst time in a story where their part is distinguished. Together they allpersuaded Columbus to send one messenger more to wait upon theirsovereigns. The man sent was Rodriguez, a pilot of Lepe, who foundaccess to the queen because Juan Perez, the prior, had formerly been herconfessor. She had confidence in him, as she had, indeed, in Columbus.

  [*] These were probably hammocks.

  On the twelfth of the month, after a landing in which a cross had beenerected, three sailors went inland, pursuing the Indians. They captured ayoung woman whom they brought to the fleet. She wore a large ring ofgold in her nose. She was able to understand the other Indians whom theyhad on board. Columbus dressed her, gave her some imitation pearls, ringsand other finery, and then put her on shore with three Indians and three ofhis own men.

  From end to end of the Samana track there are but three discrepancies.

  He had again a stormy passage. Again they were in imminent danger.

  His life has often been written, and it has sometimes been well written.


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