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building a home song

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:08:24
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"Are you crazy!? How can you shoot it towards me!!!?" 4

"I am hungry... but I have to run away for now... this fire..."

Suddenly a large amount of wind blew and there was a tornado which rose from the water.

Even before he could realize what was happening another arrow was shot by them which came at a high speed.

He slowly walked towards them when suddenly some arrows came flying towards him and pierced one of his legs.

His eyes felt heavy even though he wasn't sleepy. They were closing slowly. He struggled as much as he could but that much effort wasn't enough for him to be alive.

"Runnnn!!!!!!", the big wolf shouted on hearing which the small white pup ran subconsciously with all its might and jumped towards the lake. 3

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