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beyond omnipotent

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 14:59:06
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It was in fact quite simply because he liked cold things more. Even the instant noodles that he bought would be eaten with cold icy water instead of hot water! 11

He immediately wiped his face and went towards the empty kitchen to find something to eat.

1] Fourth wall break is limited to only this chapter – [Prologue] 5


He rushed immediately since he didn't like to be under the sun and returned as quickly as possible.


It seemed as if he didn't want to wake up but in the end, he was forced to do so. 1

He didn't have any more energy left to say anything and just kept quiet. He took a look at his wallet and found that he had a 500 yen coin and some more change which he had been saving for a long time. 2


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