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‘Maybe she didn’t see that, said Chix hopefully. ”She was in a coma.

The bomb exploded, spinning the helmet into the air. Pure blue light gushed from the underside of the helmet, dissipating across the concrete. Ants and spiders hopped once, then their tiny hearts froze. Holly could feel her own heart speed up, battling against the deadly solinium. She held on for as long as she could, then the concussion bucked her off. The helmet spun away, and the fatal light was free.

Holly pulled over next to a small lake of black oil, the shuttle’s downdraft rippling the surface.

Root pointed his weapon at the device belted around Scalene’s middle, as if he could somehow hurt Koboi.

Butler kicked aside a pile of rabbit bones, the remains of previous dwarf snacks, and sat down to wait.

Chapter 1 Totally Obsessed

Opal lifted her eyes from her plate.

Something nudged Holly’s arm. An aqua-pod.


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