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mega millions 2/8/2022

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"Ouch! That hurt!"

[ Warning: This chapter contains some incidents that might turn you off, but if you want to know the backstory or the reason, then you can go to chapter 82 and read till 87 or 88 after reading chapter 2, without getting spoiled perhaps. Up to you~ ] 13

It was indeed fate that he blamed more than himself. He was an extraordinary student until he reached high school where he got spoiled due to his friends. Did he really, now? Or maybe that was just a rumor. 1

All he wished now was to die and that too peacefully since all his life, he never experienced peace. 2

After finishing the food within ten minutes, he started smoking immediately. He went back to bed and started to think about his life as to where he had gone wrong. 4

'Tic Tok Tic Tok' 7

"Greetings Your Majesty, we have been awaiting your presence.", the black wolf greeted him humbly.


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