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what does spades mean

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Miraculous apparition!” exclaimed McLeod, grasping the proffered hand, can I venture to believe my eyes?”

So saying, their host went out and left his unexpected, but evidently welcome, guests to make themselves comfortable.

That I’ve just learned a piece of good news from Roderick. He seemed inclined to talk about the wreck this morning. Seeing him so much better, I gave him encouragement, and he has just told me that before leaving England he had taken the advice of a friend and insured the whole of our goods that were shipped in the Betsy.”

Of course Redding had to call in the aid of his imagination a little, for at the moment when he first beheld it, the whole scene was robed in a mantle of snow. Close to the house, and in sight of the front windows, was a small lake or pond, by the side of which rose an abrupt precipice of about fifty feet in height. Beyond this, a little to the right, lay the undulating fields of the settlement, dotted with clumps of trees and clusters of cottages.

Good-looking! non—bootifool—exiquitely bootifool,” cried Le Rue, thinking of the maid.

Have you bad news?” asked Ian, as he watched his father’s face.


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