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accidental lottery winner

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The "people" made no move, and finally Will shrugged and said, "Well, good evening to you anyway," and moved on. They met a similar response from all the other figures they spoke to, and all the time their apprehension grew.

Lyra turned to Will in despair, but he said, "Tell them the truth. Ask the alethiometer, and tell them what it says."

The two birds sat close, and in a moment they had changed their forms, becoming two doves.

Out of the dark the little boy came, hopeful and frightened, whispering over and over:

But they were trained warriors, and a moment later their daemons leapt at the angel, savage teeth flashing white in the gloom, and Balthamos flinched: he cried out in fear and shame, and shrank back. Then he sprang upward, beating his wings hard. Will watched in dismay as the figure of his guide and friend soared up to vanish out of sight among the treetops.

Her hand, which she'd put down to help herself sit up, had found the locket on the pillow. She stopped, picked it up, and looked at the President with wide-open sleepy eyes, and Lord Roke saw a superb piece of acting as she said, puzzled, "But this is my... what's it doing here? Father MacPhail, who's been in here? Someone has taken this from around my neck. And, where is Lyra's hair? There was a lock of my child's hair in here. Who's taken it? Why? What's going on?"

The other ghosts followed Roger, and Will and Lyra fell exhausted on the dew-laden grass, every nerve in their bodies blessing the sweetness of the good soil, the night air, the stars.

"Will," said Lyra, and he turned to see that there was another figure in the kitchen with them.


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