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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:05:56
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'You appear to know an awful lot about us, Master Fowl. I don't suppose you'll tell me how?'

The cage heaved violently, almost dislodging Chix from his seat. He held on like a rodeo rider.

'Woah! He's on the move. Lock and load, boys. I have a feeling that any second we're going to be gettin' a cry for help.'

The commander heard the sound of a roomful of laughter, and realized that Foaly had him on the speakers. Everyone had heard him complimenting the centaur's work. There'd be no talking to him for at least a month. But it was worth it. The video he was receiving now was bang up to date. If Captain Short was being held in a building, the computer would be able to give him 3D blueprints instantaneously. It was foolproof. Except ...


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