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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:05:19
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4] I'm improving continuously, so do correct if there are errors here and there.

And today was the last day of that extended time that was given.

They asked him to return all the money within 1 month or else they would be filing an arrest warrant against him. He agreed for the time being and cut the call instantly. 1

Well, normally poison wouldn't be given to the prisoner since there would be supervisors watching over them. But they allowed it despite knowing that because if he were to kill himself earlier, then that would only reduce their own trouble!

He grinned, "Ah! Don't worry, I'm speaking in human language which these wolves won't understand." 23

Someone or rather something was walking towards them. It was too foggy to look at anything clearly but the dark shadow was completely visible. Just by looking at that, it seemed as if a beast that was ten times the size of an average human was walking their way.

"Where did I go wrong?", was the only question that he kept on asking.

"Haha, so my death hasn't even been made public?" 5


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