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slow as a sloth

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-12-17 15:03:14
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‘Ah! Then she can’t take after her mother.’

A terrible thing for him, poor young man!” said Lady D. He can never bear to meet any of his former acquaintance.”

Fall in love with a stranger, indeed!” exclaimed Julia. Then, after a momentary pause, she added, do you think yourself, Frances, that Lady Susan can possibly love him as well as—as we do?”

Whenever he addressed her, and that in consequence she raised her eyes to his face, she thought she must have seen him before, but could not remember where. A vague suspicion, however, sometimes crossed her mind; yet, if that were the case, the dress was now so different. Beaumont’s manners were very animated; and he was so assiduous to please, that Frances’s natural gaiety of heart, soon appeared with as little restraint, as if they had been long acquainted.


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