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一 七五八年年初,有一晚我和朋友同往探访一位病人;在我们回来之前,有人告诉我们附近一妇人因在梦境中遭遇死亡及死后全能者审判之事,好几天陷于悲伤中,以 后逐渐复原;与我同行的那位朋友前往见她,和她及她丈夫谈话,涉及她一向的生活态度问题。这一访问相当地影响了他们,尤其是那丈夫,曾流泪表示满意我那位 朋友的访问。不久这人在河上遇着风暴,他和另一人同遭灭顶之祸。

我 们从长岛东端渡海,新伦敦,航程约三十里。我们所乘的是一条的船,开蓬出海之时风浪甚大,浪涛袭击船只多次,殊甚危险,只是当时我心倾向于创造及掌管深渊 的上帝,并将生命付托于祂;祂既然怜恤地保守了我们,叫我有机会想到每一天的时间都是向神支借的,更觉应当把我的时间和其他一切所有的,奉献给那赐给我这 一切的主。

这 事以后我心中比较安静,觉得神圣之爱的泉源已开,可以说话,所以在某次会上发言,颇得平安。这大概是在上次之事以后六七星期。我既在十架底下学习谦卑并受 锻炼,因此更能明白由圣灵感动智慧所发出的话语;有时候一连数星期在静默中等候,直待我觉得那叫被造者传布主的话语像号筒一样的力量到来之时。

  I was at two meetings on the 20th, and silent in them. The following morning,in meeting, my heart was enlarged in pure love among them, and in short plainsentences I expressed several things that rested upon me, which one of theinterpreters gave the people pretty readily. The meeting ended in supplication,and I had cause humbly to acknowledge the loving-kindness of the Lord towardsus; and then I believed that a door remained open for the faithful disciples ofJesus Christ to labour among these people. And now, feeling my mind at libertyto return, I took my leave of them in general at the conclusion of what I saidin meeting, and we then prepared to go homeward. But some of their most activemen told us that, when we were ready to move the people would choose to comeand shake hands with us. Those who usually came to meeting did so; and from a secret draught in my mind I went among some who did not usually go to meeting,and took my leave of them also. The Moravian and his Indian interpreterappeared respectful to us at parting. This town, Wehaloosing, stands on thebank of the Susquehanna, and consists, I believe, of about forty houses, mostlycompact together, some about thirty feet long and eighteen wide -- some bigger,some less. They are built mostly of split plank, one end being set in theground, and the other pinned to a plate on which rafters are laid, and thencovered with bark. I understand a great flood last winter overflowed thegreater part of the ground where the town stands, and some were now aboutmoving their houses to higher ground.

  Fifteenth of Sixth Month. -- We proceeded forward till the afternoon, when, astorm appearing, we met our canoe at an appointed place and stayed all night, the rain continuing so heavy that it beat through our tent and wet both us andour baggage. The next day we found abundance of trees blown down by the stormyesterday, and had occasion reverently to consider the kind dealings of theLord who provided a safe place for us in a valley while this storm continued.

Appendix 1

  Our guide's horse strayed, though hoppled, in the night, and after searchingsome time for him his footsteps were discovered in the path going back,whereupon my kind companion went off in the rain, and after about seven hoursreturned with him. Here we lodged again, tying up our horses before we went tobed, and loosing them to feed about break of day.

  The TESTIMONY of Friends in Yorkshire at their Quarterly Meeting, held at Yorkthe 24th and 25th of the Third Month, 1773, concerning John Woolman, of MountHolly, in the Province of New Jersey, North America, who departed this life atthe house of our Friend Thomas Priestman, in the suburbs of this city, the 7thof Tenth Month, 1772, and was interred in the burial-ground of Friends the 9thof the same, aged about fifty-two years.


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