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"Haha, so my death hasn't even been made public?" 5

Someone or rather something was walking towards them. It was too foggy to look at anything clearly but the dark shadow was completely visible. Just by looking at that, it seemed as if a beast that was ten times the size of an average human was walking their way.

He looked at the thing that made him trip and found that it was his old-fashioned cell phone.

A middle-aged man who was unemployed just woke up from his sleep.

1] Fourth wall break is limited to only this chapter – [Prologue] 5

Well, whatever it may be, one thing was for sure, he was now going to some other place, far away, probably because he had some unfinished job that God wanted him to do or perhaps he had to receive a punishment.

[ Warning: This chapter contains some incidents that might turn you off, but if you want to know the backstory or the reason, then you can go to chapter 82 and read till 87 or 88 after reading chapter 2, without getting spoiled perhaps. Up to you~ ] 13

'Tic Tok Tic Tok' 7


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