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No, thou must not do this thing, my friend,” he said. It be my fight and I will fight it alone. Go, I beg of thee, and take her with thee, out of harm's way.”

Take it not so hard, my son,” said Eleanor of England. It be no fault of thine, and there be nothing to forgive; only happiness and rejoicing should we feel, now that thou be found again.”

The man laughed.

Together they rode into the courtyard, where all was bustle and excitement. A dozen voices asked a dozen questions only to cry out still others without waiting for replies.

Directly he heard a low challenge from one of his sentries, who presently appeared escorting a lackey.

Prince Edward was the first of the royal party to take the field and, as he issued from the castle with his gallant company, banners and pennons streaming in the breeze and burnished armor and flashing blade scintillating in the morning sunlight, he made a gorgeous and impressive spectacle as he hurled himself upon the Londoners, whom he had selected for attack because of the affront they had put upon his mother that day at London on the preceding July.


Presently the conversation turned to other subjects and Norman of Torn heard no more of himself during that evening.


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