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Well, it hasn’t,” said Barker; and if you have any lingering doubts, lend me a poleaxe, and I’ll show you.”

There is something in what you say,” he said. You seem to have been thinking, young man.”

And my God in Heaven!” said Wayne passionately; is it possible that there is within the four seas of Britain a man who does not take it seriously?”

He had changed little, save for a streak or two of grey in his hair, for his face had always been old, and his step slow, and, as it were, decrepit.

But even the solemn rainbow of that evening interior was rivalled or even eclipsed by the figure standing in the centre of the shop. His form, which was a large and stately one, was clad in a brilliant blue velvet, cut in the richest Renaissance fashion, and slashed so as to show gleams and gaps of a wonderful lemon or pale yellow. He had several chains round his neck, and his plumes, which were of several tints of bronze and gold, hung down to the great gold hilt of his long sword. He was drinking a dose of sal-volatile, and admiring its opal tint. The King advanced with a slight mystification towards the tall figure, whose face was in shadow; then he said —


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