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He took up a paper, and, opening it, began to read with a running commentary:—

It is kind of you, uncle—very kind—but my dear dad once said he would make a man of me, and he did! I’ll do my best to larn as much as ever I can o’ this world’s larnin’, but I’ll never leave the sea.”

‘No, I didn’t; he felled overboard,’ answered the man in such an earnest tone that Dawson’s opinion was shook. But next day when they was at breakfast, he noticed that the point of Zola’s clasp-knife was broken off.

You’ll not go down to-night, David?” said Mrs Bright, when, having half choked her son, she turned to her husband.

By no means. My name is Billy Bright. If you’re very partikler, you may call me Willum.”


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