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  But I was a follower of Mr. Muhammad. Many times I had said to my own assistants that anyone in aposition to discipline others must be able to take disciplining himself.

  "My pilgrimage broadened my scope. It blessed me with a new insight. In two weeks in the HolyLand, I saw what I never had seen in thirty-nine years here in America. I saw all _races_, all _colors_,blue-eyed blonds to black-skinned Africans-in _true_ brotherhood! In unity! Living as one!

  I told the dinner guests that it was my first word of any of it, but that I was not surprised whenviolence happened in any of America's ghettoes where black men had been living packed like animalsand treated like lepers. I said that the charge against me was typical white man scapegoat-seeking-thatwhenever something white men disliked happened in the black community, typically white publicattention was directed not at the cause, but at a selected scapegoat.

  That morning was the start of a radical alteration in my whole outlook about "white" men.

  The detectives grilled me. They didn't beat me. They didn't even put a finger on me. And I knew itwas because I hadn't tried to kill the detective.

  After Mr. Muhammad and Sister Clara met and married and their first two children had been born, awhite employer early in 1923 did curse Mr. Muhammad, then Elijah Poole. Elijah Poole, determined toavoid trouble, took his family to Detroit, arriving when he was twenty-five. Five more children wouldbe born there in Detroit, and, finally, the last one in Chicago.

  I'm sixty. I'm an old man. I've been to Sing Sing. My life is over. You're a young man. Kill me, you'relost anyway. All you can do is go to prison."I've since thought that West Indian Archie may have been trying to scare me into running, to saveboth his face and his life. It may be that's why he was high. No one knew that I hadn't killed anyone,but no one who knew me, including myself, would doubt that I'd kill.

  "Sit back down, then. I think we got it all out okay."The flame came back as Shorty, with a thick towel, started drying my head, rubbing hard. "_Easy,man, easy!_" I kept shouting.


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