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  He was the One to whom the Jews referred as The Messiah, the Christians as The Christ, and theMuslims as The Mahdi.

  My time with him was up all too soon. I promised faithfully that when I returned to the United States,I would relay to Afro-Americans his personal warm regards.

   As Elijah Muhammad spoke, the two Clay brothers practically led the applause, further impressingeveryone with their sincerity-since a Muslim rally was about the world's last place to seek fight fans.

  In those days only three things in the world scared me: jail, a job, and the Army. I had about ten daysbefore I was to show up at the induction center. I went right to work. The Army Intelligence soldiers,those black spies in civilian clothes, hung around in Harlem with their ears open for the white mandowntown. I knew exactly where to start dropping the word. I started noising around that I wasfrantic to join. . . the Japanese Army.

  So I flew again to see Mr. Muhammad, but this time to Phoenix, Arizona, where the Nation of Islamhad bought him the house in the hot, dry climate that relieved his severe bronchial condition. He and Italked alone this time. He told me how his organization had come far with largely uneducatedMuslims and that truly giant strides for the black man could be made if his organization were aidedby some of the talents which were available in the black race. He said, "And one of our worst needs iswriters"-but he did not press me to answer. He suddenly began coughing, and rapidly grew worseand worse until I rose from my seat and went to him, alarmed, but he waved me away, gasping thathe would be all right. Between gasps, he told me he felt that "Allah approves" the book. He said,"Malcolm is one of my most outstanding ministers." After arranging for his chauffeur to return me tothe Phoenix airport, Mr. Muhammad quickly bade me good-bye and rushed from the room coughing.

  From the old hustling days I knew that there were tricks to everything. In the prison debating, I hadlearned tricks to upset my opponents, to catch them where they didn't expect to be caught. I knewthere were bound to be tricks I didn't know anything about arguing on the air.

  The black race here in North America is in extremely bad condition. You show me a black man whoisn't an extremist and I'll show you one who needs psychiatric attention!"Once when he said, "Aristotle shocked people. Charles Darwin outraged people. Aldous Huxleyscandalized millions!" Malcolm X immediately followed the statement with "Don't print that, peoplewould think I'm trying to link myself with them." Another time, when something provoked him toexclaim, "These Uncle Toms make me think about how the Prophet Jesus was criticized in his owncountry!" Malcolm X promptly got up and silently took my notebook, tore out that page and crumpledit and put it into his pocket, and he was considerably subdued during the remainder of that session.

  This was the fourteenth of January, 1958; a Tuesday. We weren't far from Lansing, where my brotherPhilbert lived. I drove there. Philbert was at work when we stopped at his house and I introducedBetty X. She and Philbert's wife were talking when I found out on the phone that we could get marriedin one day, if we rushed.


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